Music for Moonshiners - Whoopee John
The Anthology and Carbine Williams

Moonshiners Dance - On the Air

(a relief in the Hibbing High School Library)
Tomorrow morning, May 21, I'll be on the radio to talk about my research on "The Moonshiners Dance, Part One," from Harry Smith's Anthology of American Folk Music.  

There'll be more music than talk.  We'll be playing records that put Moonshiner into some sort of context   notably, the very rare and much speculated-about "The Moonshiners Dance, Part TWO."

The program is The Dakota Dave Hull Show, on KFAI from 9 to 11 central time.  You can listen live, and the show will also be archived online for two weeks ONLY:

Update: The show went beautifully  it really couldn't have gone better.  Here's the direct link. Remember that the show will become unavailable on the morning of June 4.



Are you a great thank you.good dance.

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