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New Monochord World Headquarters

Apartmentview   Moonrise


The Celestial Monochord world headquarters have moved.

The photo at left shows my view from the apartment we've occupied for the past six years (you can click on it for a larger image). I stared at this wall as I founded and developed The Celestial Monochord, as I learned to play clawhammer banjo, and as I became interested in the Minnesota music scene of the 1920's. I quit drinking looking at this wall. I lost a cat and gained two. I got married. When I came home from my first Battle of the Jug Bands, I came home to this view. It all happened looking at this wall.

Now my tribe and I have moved into a real house, with great views to the east, south, and west. It has a yard in which to set up my telescopes (there's a bright erupting comet in Perseus, by the way, which you should check out). It has a porch on which to play my banjo. And a dedicated office where I can write about fulgurite for you, and from which I can revive the memories of dance bands long dead. The sun and moon rise at the foot of my bed (see photo on the right).

Buying a house was very exciting -- especially if you consider debilitating stress to be a form of "excitement." Consider the mortgage crisis, just for starters. And the old apartment had beautiful woodwork and the best caretakers/friends you could hope for. But the new digs are a great leap forward, and The Monochord should be extremely well served by them.

Thanks for your patience and check back soon and often.