Square Dancing at Los Alamos

One Post Every Day in February!


Attention ladies and gentlemen! Hear ye, hear ye!

Next month, The Celestial Monochord will conduct an unprecedented experiment in the history of the internets!

We hereby announce and commit, against our better judgement as well as the laws of physics, that there will be ONE ENTRY posted to the Monochord EVERY DAY during the ENTIRE DURATION of the month of February in the year of 2000 and 7!

Neither your ears nor your eyes deceive you!

Never before has any proprietor of an electronic journal-keeping service attempted a feat of such dizzying blogospheric daring-do! Do not try this at home! Individuals of weak constitution such as ladies and nervous persons are forewarned!

Tell your friends and neighbors! It's absolutely free! An event you will never forget!

[ Quality entries are not guaranteed. The publishers of The Celestial Monochord are not responsible for lapses in good taste, civility, research rigor, insight, nor any other editorial standard ordinarily aspired to by this blog. ]



C. Eric Banister


I say bring it on!


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