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Lisa Simpson Goes to Banjo Camp

My wife Jenny reports that the episode of The Simpsons that aired on Sunday, April 17 briefly showed Lisa Simpson wearing a t-shirt that said "Banjo Camp." I missed it because I glanced down to peel a shrimp. I would love a screenshot of it, if anybody out there can make that happen for me.

Also, if anyone would kindly explain to me just what's so funny, exactly, about wearing a t-shirt that says "Banjo Camp" ...

UPDATE (April 26, 2005)

It turns out that Lisa's shirt actually said "Band Camp":


"Banjo Camp" was merely wishful thinking on Jenny's part. Ah well, it could happen to anyone. Actually, it does explain a lot — of course, band camp is for dweebs, and so, is funny. But banjo camp? That would've needlessly alienated a key demographic, don't you think?