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June 19, 2016


Tor Lindbloom

I have been a big fan of your blog for a long time, so welcome back after a long dry spell. I always find your posts to be both thoughtful and provacative, so I hope that there is a book in the works and not just a lengthy essay since the radio silence has been so long. Keep posting when you have a thought in the meantime. It makes my day.

As a midwessterner and a fan of prohibition era music, I assume that you have the CD "The Banks of the Little Auplane" by Julie Johnson and the No Accounts, but I have never seen mention of it on your blog, despite your lament of the lack of a northern equivalent to Harry Smiths Anthology. Just a heads up on a group that has done their part to fill the gap and to try to keep traditional midwestern music alive.

Anyway, I hope this comment motivates you to keep writing, even if intermittently. Some of us out here are still listening....

Kurt Gegenhuber

Thanks, Tor! I really appreciate the kind words - it means a lot to me.

My plan is indeed to breathe life back into the Monochord, so keep reading and checking in over the coming months. I certainly always have plenty to write about.

A few people keep encouraging me to write a book, and writing things - any things - for the Monochord will surely help just as it's helped me do larger projects in the past (the upcoming essay, for example).

I will definitely will check out Julie Johnson and the No Accounts - they are indeed new to me, and it's great to hear about them. Thanks again!

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