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October 01, 2010


albert Insinger

Sometimes I think Dylanaolgists look to deeply. Especially Weberman who resently said that Dylan as rasist because he didn t talk to President Obama during his recital there. Dylan has said himself he just writes the stuff, it comes out naturally. So to look for deep meaning like Dylanologists do is not really what Dylan himself indends. When Dylan says the vadndels stole the handels, there is no deep meaning in it. Its just a word play its like saying the clouds in the house. No great meaning just a word play.

Joanne Kerman

"There is just one grammatical dent in this dexterity". Will you be charging Michael, the no-asshole, to talk to him?

Michael is wrong about quite a few things and some of his research is extremely sloppy.

Have you heard of OCD?


"I mean, I've been thinking about charging people to NOT talk to me!"

Laughed out loud-
I wonder if someone would pay me not to start a Bob blog- I'm working on it-
Do we really need another Dylan blog?
Well- there will be at least one more.
Like his tour, it never ends.

I did see that Michael Gray new business venture and was kind of amused and kind of horrified.

Joanne Kerman

Were Dylan racist, which he is not, it would be reasonable to expect it to come out subconsciously, which is what you are more than implying his lyrics to be. As for the degree of conscious artistry, the Dylan world contradicts itself; even individuals contradicts themselves. It's not EITHER OR; Dylan himself said that Norman Raeben taught him to become a conscious artist, so he became one. He also said in around '78 that "the meaning comes later". So one might later identify a literary influence that Dylan was not consciously thinking of when he wrote a lyric, and in turn extrapolate meaning in Dylan's "stream of consciousness" or subconsciousness at the time. "The meaning comes later". Word play on its own is not the "genius" Dylan fans routinely claim for a songwriter whose lyrics can supposedly never be really understood.

Kenneth Lockerbie

A.J. Weberman is a piece of trash and doesn't know what he's talking about. My God, if Dylan were racist, would he have married a black woman???????? (He did, it's just not that well-known a fact.) Weberman should put himself in a trash can where HE belongs.


Uh... who threw the glass in the street?

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