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October 19, 2009


Private Beach

That should be "Byrds", not "Birds". Good luck in your quest to save the building.


Hopefully the building is saved. It reminds me of the way Paramount Records is now all but erased from Grafton, WI. Love the blog, keep it up.



It's interesting that Model Cities Inc has a mission statement that includes "to carry out community-based development that improves the quality of life and contributes to the revitalization of urban communities". I would characterize their decision to tear what is described above as a cultural landmark as very counter-mission. I certainly hope they reconsider their proposal and think of what is important historically and culturally to the community and urban populations they claim to support. You CAN revitalize without destroying. To preserve and reuse the structure would add a depth to the area that would be impossible to replicate.
Thank you for posting this.

Andrew Hine

Thanks! Rock on.
(Watching the movie "Vinyl" now...)

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