Anthology of American Folk Music

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July 04, 2006


Cowtown Pattie

Very interesting detective work!

As an amateur genealogist, I know the tedium and eyestrain that goes with the territory of research - not to mention dusty old books that require me to dose with benedryl before reading.

Thanks, and I'll check back to see if there are updates to this tale...


I enjoyed your visit with Dakotah Dave Hull this morning and also your work as above. While many avenues for future work are presented, I wonder if the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota (219 Landmark Center/75 W. Fifth St./St. Paul, MN 55102-9775/651-293-9047) wouldn't be interested in your work. They are perhaps the most influential organization working to save structures of signifigance in Minnesota. Perhaps they would consider publishing your work to this point in their periodical "The Minnesota Preservationist" ("")(

Jef Van Gool - Antwerp (Belgium)


Hi there Mr. ? (Couldn't spot your name !)

A very fine example of profound research. I enjoyed very much reading your article over and over again. Nice picture of the art deco Victoria Cafe, a true piece of Americana. Did you ever hear Moonshiner's dance prt. 2 (the flip side) ?

Editor's Reply: Many thanks, Jef! No, I have not heard The Moonshiner's Dance Part 2. I am desparate to hear it, however, so if you or anybody you know can help me locate it, I would be forever grateful!

Also, my last name is on the site ... see the Frequently Asked Questions, for example ... but I prefer to be called Kurt, or even better, The Celestial Monochord. Very mysterious!


Cindra Schmidt

My grandfather was a drummer who also played with Frank Cloutier at both the Victoria and at the Coliseum. His name was Gordon Nelson (Gordy Nelson).


The Celestial Monochord

Cindra! Glad to see you made it to The Celestial Monochord! Thanks so much for meeting with me recently -- it's been an honor to learn so much about Gordon from you, and I really wish I could have met the man. He was obviously a great guy.


Dax Diaz

If anybody ever gets a copy of "The Moonshiner's Dance, Part 2", let me know! I've always wanted to hear that!

Mark C

I remember hearing a record by the Cafe Victoria Orchestra on BBC radio in the 70's or 80's, either on Alexis Korner or a Jazz programme. It wasn't the Moonshiner's Dance, the title was ? Stomp ( I don't remember the first part). It was memorable enough for me to want to find out who they were. It's possible the record is in the BBC collection. Hope this might help a little.

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