Anthology of American Folk Music

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February 25, 2006


Adam Manning-Jones

Oh dear, a whole load more records to absorb, thanks! Going to see Charlie Parr perform next month, I know very little about him but am now even more eager with anticipation.

B. Earnest

Great post. I haven't encountered so much of that stuff. Man, exploring this music is like exploring an old haunted house where every door opens to another hallway filled with doors. You could get lost and spend your whole life wandering in Texas Blues, or Child Ballads.

I love that Clarence Ashley / Doc Watson & friends double-CD. "The Coo-Coo" on the first disk is transcendent, as good as it gets. I'd also recommend Nick Tosches's impressionistic/obsessive book "Country." And one of my favorite Smithsonian/Folkways CDs, Doug and Jack Wallin. It's mostly old Doug singing ancient a cappella ballads, and it's spine-tingling. The few stringband numbers on there are excellent too.


Great post indeed! I would just add something by Dave Van Ronk, maybe "His Folkways years" or "Inside Dave Van ronk".


Great stuff.
and you should see Harry Smith's films. Wow.


You have a picture of John K. up there. That guy sure knows hay.

[Many thanks for the clue, Eric. I've withheld John's full name until I can write him and ask permission to identify him. -- Kurt G.]


Just returned Vol 4 of the Anthology ... so a word to the wise:check out the AV holdings of your local city and/or college libraries. Depending on who is/was buying LPs and CDs for their collections, a LOT of these recordings are available for borrowing ...

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